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Equipment and accessories where you need it, when you need it.

We are dedicated to providing the best in utility-scale solar equipment and accessories all over the United States — and that’s just the beginning.


At Rent4Solar, we lead by example to innovate and build a more sustainable world. We envision a brighter future built by all people from every walk of life—giving purpose to everyone involved, both corporate and individual.


Company Culture

Equipment and accessories where you need it, when you need it.

Rent4Solar rents machines, but what we value most is people. We strive to make the future of renewable energy a present reality as our part in building a better world. This is why we lead the industry by increasing the supply which is so desperately needed to keep up with ever increasing demand. It is why we stand behind our products from the warehouse to the work site and why we look beyond the sale to project completion. We lead the industry by assembling a team of experts and specialists who treat operators as more than customers but as partners.

All who are part of the Rent4Solar team enrich our people-first culture through transparency and openness in actions, honesty and integrity in keeping commitments, and excellence and success through leading by example.



At Rent4Solar, we continue to be steadfast in our compliance with all applicable health and safety legal requirements. We are committed to our guiding principles that include ensuring that safety, health, and environment come first; vowing to never compromise on the health and safety of our staff or customers, and to manage the impact that our business has on the environment in a responsible manner.

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